ZEAL Optics Welcomes Snowboarder Forrest Shearer To The Family

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ZEAL Optics Welcome Snowboarder Forrest Shearer To The Family

March 16st, 2015 , Boulder, Colorado – ZEAL Optics is proud to welcome world renowned snowboarder Forrest Shearer to its family of snow Ambassadors.

From the beginning, Forrest has always held a passion for getting out and pushing his limits —always striving to challenge himself. “The possibilities are endless, you just have to experiment,” says Forrest, making him a perfect fit with ZEAL’s motto of “Explore More”!

Spending his childhood hitting mini ramps and searching for the best waves on the shores of Southern California, Forrest has never been one to sit back and watch his life go by. He now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah – constantly searching for the biggest and best lines! Forrest has been in numerous big mountain films, including the Jeremy Jones trilogy; Deeper, Further, and Higher, and Absinthe Films, Dopamine.

“Forrest is one of the most legendary and inspiring snowboarders out there, and we’re so excited to have him in the ZEAL Family as he holds a passion that is found deep within every ZEAL ambassador,” says ZEAL Marketing’s Mike Lewis. “A passion and desire to explore more and a constant push to challenge himself and those around him to make the world a better place with his work with the POW Riders Alliance makes Forrest a perfect fit with the brand.”

Forrest’s unique approach to snowboarding involves adapting to his surroundings, allowing the mountains to teach him a thing or two and inspiring him to help protect them. “Our natural surroundings talk to us,” adds Shearer. “You just have to pay attention and have an open mind.”

When asked why he was stoked to partner with ZEAL, Forrest says: “ZEAL has an open mind, a family vibe, and they make environmentally friendly products. ZEAL is the future. They’re not afraid to try new things. It’s refreshing to be a part of a brand that is blazing a trail with goggle/eyewear designs.”

About ZEAL Optics: Proudly the most sustainable sunglass company in the world, ZEAL designs and crafts every sunglass from renewable plant-based materials. ZEAL is also known for revolutionizing the goggle market with the HD Camera Goggle and the original GPS goggle. Based in Boulder, Colo., USA, ZEAL is a boutique brand focusing on handcrafted quality eyewear build for life outdoors. For more info visit zealoptics.com and follow @zealoptics on Instagram and Facebook.

For more information contact Mike Lewis at mlewis@zealoptics.com.

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