You Won't Believe These Trails Exist in Upstate New York

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Trails loaded with wooden bridges and other tree-derived stunts were the marquee of freeriding in the late 90's, with videos like Kranked showing legends like Wade Simmons ripping along tree trunks barely wider than their tires twenty feet off the ground before making some impossible gap. Vancouver's North Shore was the absolute hub of this kind of trail-building, and its influence spread as far as New Hampshire, where I'd spend summers as a kid building janky narrow log bridges connecting islands in my backyard swamp and pride myself on being able to negotiate teetor-tots and the narrowest piece of wood I could find in the garage.

POV footage from one of The Land's trails, Trailway To Heaven.

While the construction of most gravity-fed bike trails these days center on dirt and flow, it's great to see some maniacs are still out in the woods building crazy wood stunts. In Upstate New York no less, never the first locale that comes to mind in the bike world, a small group of dedicated builders (that must include some professional engineers) have built a bike park they call The Land on a private plot, with five freeride trails that host a purely insane series of wooden wallrides, creek gaps, and bridges that seem to climb higher and higher into the trees. The builders of this wild private bike park still haven't opened it up to the public, but keeping tabs on their Facebook page might be a good idea if this is the kind of trails you've only dreamed of...

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