You Can Buy this Ski Resort for Just $950,000

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Chances are you’re not ready to dish out just shy of a million dollars, but every ski bum can dream. Imagine owning your own ski resort—the hill of your dreams—where you always have dibs on fresh pow and get to decide exactly what beers are on tap.

For the small price of $950,000, you can now buy the Maple Valley Ski Resort, a 374-acre resort on Sugar Mountain in Southern Vermont. Of course that’s far from pocket change, but by ski resort standards, it’s a pretty sweet deal. The resort is also in the heart of East Coast skiing country: just about an hour from Stratton and 2.5 hours from Boston.

Maple Valley first opened in 1963 and was long recognized as a family-friendly ski area for visitors and residents of Southern Vermont. The resort closed in 2000 and is now looking for a hero to dust off its two chairlifts to bring it back to its former glory. Could that person be you?

The going rate may be a stretch for the average skier, but get a few friends together with good credit scores and a rich dead uncle and the idea is at least worth entertaining over a few beers…

Photos from Maple Valley Ski Resort

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