Yearning For The Deepest Turns In The World

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Following the awesome inbounds edit that we shared a month ago, the Korua Shapes crew drops the third installment of their Yearning for Turning series. Yes, it's the 1,000th edit you've seen of deep pow in Japan this year, but if only by virtue of the dangling branch rope swing jib at 1:10 in, this one is different.

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Nicholas Wolken, Atsufumi Mizuno, Florian Krummenacher and Antti Autti slay the Japanese woods half the time like they're skateboarding–popping buttery spins off of pow-frosted trees–and half the time like they're surfing, reaching out for snow contact as they lay into a heavy bottom turn. Yearning for Turning is one of the most refreshing series we've seen out of the snowboard world this year, and this episode will not disappoint.

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