Xavier De le Rue is Going to Access and Film Big Lines via Paramotor

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As much of any of his contemporaries, Xavier de le Rue is determining the future of how snowboards access, ride, and get documented in the biggest mountains of the world. In his new film coming out next fall, Swatch Degrees North by The North Face, Xavier, Samuel Anthamatten, and crew brave howling winds and -40 degree temps to get to the top of some rowdy, exposure-riddled lines in the hugely remote archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. They're even using paramotors to access, ride, and film these huge lines, throwing snowmobiles, helicopters, and drones right out the window. Who wants an internship?? Pilot's license, little regard for personal safety, and desire to see several toes and fingers removed due to frostbite are prerequisites...

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