X Games' Real Ski Backcountry Stocked With TGR Athletes

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With summer's informal finish coming this weekend, ESPN has launched its annual internet skiing competition, the X Games Real Ski Backcountry contest. While lacking in riled-up crowds, Aspen nightlife, and truckloads of free pizza rolls, the contest is still packing an X Games-level cash prize and talent on par with any Big Air under-the-lights triple-cork-to-flat final.

This year's contest also includes three TGR athletes–Tim Durtschi and Dane Tudor, both of whom filmed for Almost Ablaze, and Sammy Carlson (above), who may or may not have a secret little side project going on with TGR right now, and who won the contest last year with an insane edit that included one line with back-to-back double flips in the Whistler backcountry.

Sammy's 2014 edit features the same level of ingenious, and terrifyingly large, backcountry hucks, tree-top jibs, and flips into tree jibs, video game-style. Tudor and Durtschi are holding it down with the usual level of backcountry insanity, but it's a stacked field. Chamonix's Sam Favret is pure balls, while Wiley Miller is bringing the style as always. But my money's on Sammy C., as that video game skiing is just plain hard to top. Head over to ESPN to check out the full field, and get ready to whip out your Tweets and 'Grams to vote in a social media-driven voting format that is sure to give luddites a headache...

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