Wojtek Pawlusiak Goes Full Send On Sand

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Polish snowboarder Wojtek Pawlusiak trades in his snow pants for shorts in this sandboarding edit produced by Red Bull. Pawlusiak typically spends his winters grinding handrails in urban areas, typically at night and much below freezing. This may not be his usual stomping ground, but Pawlusiak manages to send it. Since sand isn’t the most slippery of particles, Red Bull decided to get professional driver Kuba Przygoński to tow Pawlusiak behind a Dakar Mini using a rope.

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The fearless driver rips around the steepest parts of the Abu Dhabi desert at quite the clip as Pawlusiak launches off the surrounding dunes. The urban snowboarder grinds some desert handrails and definitely raises the bar for the sport of sandboarding. This Polish duo does not hold back in this short, but sweet video shot in the United Arab Emirates.

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