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The first time I gave this idea more than a moment’s thought was on a drive back from the White Mountains in late December. I was returning to Portsmouth after driving through a disappointing snowstorm that gave the coast more snow than the mountains. I bailed on skiing for surfing, both activities are in a constant battle for my attention during the winter months, and I was hurrying back to the Atlantic in hopes of having enough light to catch a quick evening session in the fading light.

On the drive home I was still debating whether or not I would buy a ski pass for the season and where it would be to. I was hesitant pull the trigger on the purchase due to the lackluster snow fall totals thus far, a poor snow prediction for the east coast, and a desire to travel this winter. I didn’t want to buy a ski pass for the season and not get my money’s worth because I left and traveled elsewhere. Ever since coming back from Costa Rica a month ago I’ve had the desire to return to Central America and continue on to South America. One of my hesitancies about the trip was bailing on the winter ski season in North America. I then thought to myself “Why go backpack 6-8 weeks in another country during an El Nino ski season? What if instead of backpacking, I buy a multi mountain season pass and road trip the West?” Seed planted.

Fast forward two weeks later to a rainy afternoon and I had discovered an awesome a multi mountain ski pass, fired off messages to friends across the U.S. and set up a loose itinerary. This trip may just happen after all. Still torn on the idea of taking off for almost two months, I decided to give it another day of thought. This, combined with multiple texts to people for advice (admittedly my texts have been skewed to those who I thought would say go for it) I decided to commit.

So, here I am a week out until my longest trip to date! Time to check the gear, pack the car and hit the road. What could go wrong? If Harry and Lloyd can make it in a shaggy dog van than so can I. If you feel so inclined follow me along on my adventure here

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