Windells announces Pro Rider line up for Summer 2011

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Windells just announced their line-up of Team Sessions for the upcoming summer. From Rome to Technine, Burton to Bonfire, there's a grip of heavy-hitting pro riders that will be on-hand each session to make camp the "Funnest" Place on Earth!

What do Windells' Team Session riders do while at camp?

- each session they host a contest or coaching session on hill, with prizes, high fives, and coaching tips from your favorite pros

- they hang out at camp, skating, playing Rock Band, jumping on trampolines--everything you do as a camper! Ever wanted to challenge MFM or Nick Visconti to a game of SKATE? Try tossing waterballoons with Zak Hale? Play dodgeball with Mason Aguirre? Play rockband with Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Jed Anderson, and Bode Merril? Maybe just have dinner and hear what it's like to ride in the biggest contests in the world with Ellery Hollingsworth, Sage Kotenburg, and Eric Willet? You can do all of these things with your favorite pro riders every session at Windells!

Each and every session this summer has great snowboarders hosting activities and shredding all day. Any one you pick to attend is sure to make your summer the best ever!

For the whole list of who's coming to camp, check out the Windells website

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