Why We Should Unite for Snow Today

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McKenna Peterson railing pow and developing passion. Dylan Crossman photo.

Passion– the driving force behind movements and societal change–is found in each and every one of us. Whether individual or collective and more powerful than money, convenience, or ego, passion is ultimately what makes us do what we do. Passion gives us identity. The entire ski industry is run off of passion.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you believe sliding around on snow to be the most fun thing in the world. Why else would so many people center their life around skiing? To some of us, nothing matters more.

Whether you put down 100+ days a season or are a weekend warrior, you share a connection with a collective of people. Skiers, boarders, and all other winter sports enthusiasts are connected through the passion that each feels for the mountains and for the snow.

McKenna is pro good times on snow. Photo via McKenna Peterson Instagram

That’s why the conversation about climate change needs to be a constant and consistent force within our industry–especially right now. For those of you that don’t know, the beginning of December marks a very important time for worldwide climate action. The COP21 conference is a giant summit being hosted by the United Nations about climate change, where world leaders will be meeting in order to address the changing climate and formulate a course of action at the most critical time since awareness of climate change dawned upon us.

The winter sport community as a whole will have a presence at COP21, and while our community is tiny in comparison to other industries, what we lack in population we make up for in passion. Our voices are powerful and when we put them together pushing for the same goal, our collective voice can have major influence.

Climate change isn’t one of those issues that we can brush aside and wait for someone else to take action–it is more important than that. It is something that we should all be thinking about on a daily basis, where we see the effects every winter as we complain about rain and watch as some resorts never get to fire up their lifts.

McKenna Peterson has plenty of reasons to be pro snow. Dylan Crossman photo.

Right now, Protect Our Winters is asking you, all of you, to sign their “Unite for POW” letter. On October 22nd, a group of athletes and industry professionals will bring this letter to the big wigs in Washington, D.C. and deliver a communal joint voice calling for climate action. Let’s show the world the passion of the winter sport industry by generating an unprecedented amount of support for this letter.

50 pro skiers and snowboarders, including Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Angel Collinson, Ian MacIntosh, and Jeremy Jones have already done so themselves. Join them by adding your name here.

If you're interested in doubling your bang for the buck, The Climate Reality Project is also asking you to sign their “I AM PRO SNOW letter” that they will bring to the COP21 conference.

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