Why Spending $6 for Warp Wave's Movie Will Make You Happy

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You love people who take lemons and make lemonade, right? No one does that better (figuratively) than the Warp Wave crew from Lake Tahoe. It's hard to remember last year, when it snowed exactly never, now that this season has been so glorious. However, just 12 months ago, the now-blanketed-with-pow Sierras were dry as a bone.

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Undeterred, Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Tucker Andrews, Tim Eddy, Jeremy Jenses, Taylor Carlton, Felix Mobarg, Hannah Eddy, Harry Kearney, Alex Horgan, Griffin Siebert, Alex "Oz Man" Scott, Jake McCarthy, and Max Tokunaga chased snow up to British Columbia and back down the coast for their film, A Place Called Kookabunga.

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