Why Skiing Is The Best Fitness Workout These Days

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Hitting the slopes is your idea to be independent and enjoying nature at the same time. However, according to health experts Skiing is a unique blend of endurance as well as resistance training. It not only keeps cardiovascular diseases away but provides strength to your legs as well. Read on to know why Skiing is the best fitness workout these days.

  • Skiing acts equivalent to interval training which is being preferred a lot by the fitness freaks lately. First, you push yourself till 15-20 minutes and then you get a breather as you go down the slopes. Researches have proved that such kind of training provides multiple benefits like improvement in fitness levels and extending life span.
  • That Skiing fires all those muscles of your body that are required for a complete workout session. As opposed to any other exercise regime Skiing gives coordinated movements to different exercise modes. The knee and hip movements arising from skiing give the benefits of bottom workout which other exercises are unable to do.
  • Downhill skiing has as much impact as cycling or rowing workouts. Pushing yourself through the snow gives a boost to your heart rate which is higher than other workout schedules. In fact, downhill skiing improves insulin resistance, glucose metabolism, and body composition.
  • Plus the benefit of skiing through the white carpet of snow is a bonus in itself. There is nothing more rejuvenating than being in the outdoors and having a workout session. The scenic beauty around motivates you to put in your best effort and the results definitely are then more than expectations.

Workout tips before skiing

Before hitting the slope it is also important that your body is fit and ready to face the adrenaline rush. Here are a few exercises that are effective to bring you in the mood to go skiing without any worries.

1. Squats- Your thighs need the most workouts to ensure smooth skiing sessions and squats are effective to do so. Plus they provide strength to your leg muscles and reduce the chances of fatigue. For best results do two to three sets of 20 each and take a 60 second rest time in between.

2. Squat jump-You can enhance the impact of a squat with a jump along with it. Apart from the legs, the squat jumps are quite effective for the glutes and quads. Do at least four sets of four and if possible catch some breath in between.

3. Wall squats-Extremely crucial to building endurance the wall squats can prevent burning sensation in the legs when on the slopes. Two to four repetitions are good to go but the best results are achieved when you can give a maximum push to the wall.

4. Lunges- Working well for strength and balance both the Lunges should not be missed. Opt for 20 repetitions at least four times a day and take short breaks between each. Remember to keep your upper body straight.

5. Plank- Strengthening your core is very essential for skiing and Planks help you in doing just that. Ensure that you do not let your hips dip and the position of the body stays aligned in a straight line.

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