Why is the UK favourite destination for Skiing?

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The United Kingdom is famous world over as a tourist destination but not many people are aware that it also suffices as one of the most unusual ski destinations. The country has five areas which qualify as the conventional ski areas. These include Northern Scotland, Parts of Wales, Northern England, and Northern Ireland. Read on to know more about the United Kingdom and why it is favored as a ski destination.

England and Scotland have six year-round indoor centers almost similar to that of another country in that vicinity i.e. Germany. There are 60 artificial dry slopes which are spread all over the country where people can get to ski all over the year. Such an unusual mix of ski areas reflects the kind of obsession Britons have for winter sports. Expectedly around 1 million Britons hit the slopes each year and that is an enormous figure indeed.

Britain also has a strange solution to any kind of skiing injuries the user may face. You can find sports massage centers which help you relieve the pain and tension you can experience while skiing. Experts in ski massage can even find out the cause of your pain and through the massage remove it slowly and gradually.

Britons had pioneered the concept of ski holidays in Switzerland in the 19th century. Later it got changed into the global ski holiday industry and finally established international ski racing in the beginning half of the last century. Slopes in Britain often suffer from very strong winds which can reach up to a speed of 180 miles per hour. Therefore the mountainside has been closely fenced so that snow from the mountains does not blow over.

Another fact which is equally amusing is that sometimes the weather conditions may be good on one side of slopes but bad on the other. For example, the west coast has some amazing scenery to offer may have a totally different weather in comparison to the east coast slopes. As a result, when the weather is conducive you would see a sudden surge in the number of people who visit the mountains for skiing. For absolute convenience, it is better that you visit the place in midweek as during that time the crowds are apparently less.

Apart from skiing, there are some other visual attractions that you can take benefit of once you are visiting the place. Loch Ness, wildlife parks, Steam railways, theme parks, dolphin spotting boat trips, and whiskey distilleries these are some other attractions in that area that are going to make your visit memorable.

Britain as a skiing destination has largely picked up because of the scenic beauty and the amazing facilities on offer. All the resorts located there give you a chance to experience skiing in the most convenient manner possible. The possibility of getting a ski massage also eliminates any fears of getting hurt in the process and facing severe consequences for the same. For the tourists in love with the snow, Britain is a destination which promises more than what is expected.

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