Why I Choose Ski Resorts With Glaciers

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Every seasoned skier and tried-and-tested snowboarder has a favorite place to hit the slopes, but ski resorts with glaciers remain at the top of the list for most ski-pros, and for good reason. Few resorts offer you the thrilling adventure, unique views, and epic bragging rights as those that have glaciers, and snowboarders and skiers who have yet to try a resort with glaciers are depriving themselves of a life-changing experience.

Here’s why ski resorts with glaciers remain the best place for you to hit the slopes, and why you should start booking your next trip as soon as possible to take advantage of ancient glaciers.

Glaciers make a resort stand out

To understand why you should be booking your next trip to a ski resort with a glacier, you need to comprehend how these resorts are different from the lackluster ones that don’t feature glacier formations. The basics of it are pretty easy to understand; to put it simply, ski resorts with glaciers almost always have more and better powder than resorts lacking them, and will assuredly provide you with a more enjoyable experience than your run of the mill resort that’s nothing special.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is take a look at some of the world’s best resorts, and you’ll see how many of them are dominated by glacial landscapes that bring skiers and snowboarders alike mountainous heaps of fun. A list of the most frequently visited European resorts, for instance, is absolutely dominated by resorts that have at least one glacier on their grounds, and similar American lists also find glacier-possessing resorts at the top of the leaderboards.

Snow-sure slopes like those offered by a glacier-possessing resort are unique, and will help you avoid the frustration of making a long trip, arriving at a resort, and finding out that the powder is scant and lackluster. Those who plan trips to resorts with glaciers will find that frustration to be a thing of the past, as the massive ice formations almost always generate a higher quality powder and help keep the local environment pristine and suitable for skiing and boarding.

Resorts with glaciers are often the gathering spots of seasoned pros, too; for newcomers looking for some tips from experts after experiencing using a stand up paddle board, or those seasoned skiers just looking for others at their skill level alike, glacier resorts will be a great meetup point for experienced athletes who demand only the best performance on the slopes, even when they’re having the time of their lives. When picking a resort, understand that those with glaciers will likely be able to meet your expectations better than those without them.

Know where to look

To take advantage of ski resorts with glaciers, you should know where to look for them. Swiss ski resorts are renown worldwide for their impressive glaciers, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better ice formations anywhere else. American ski resorts pack impressive glaciers of their own too, however; Glacier Bay skiing in Alaska, for instance, is also famous for its pristine glacial landscapes that steal your breath away as you shred down some intense slopes.

High-altitude glacial skiing or snowboarding allows athletes to experience the majesty of our world’s mountains at unparalleled heights, and besides offering snow-sure slopes, they also demand the most seasoned skiers for their complexity. Those who are looking to up their ski resort game should seriously consider picking a resort with a glacier the next time they book a trip; just be sure to pack extra layers to deal with the extra-cold temperatures you’ll be dealing with.

It may seem like it goes without saying that skiing and snowboarding is obviously freezing and deserves preparation, but those hoping to get into ski resorts with glaciers should understand that they are fundamentally colder and demand your full attention if you’re truly to enjoy them. Skiers who don’t give glacial slopes the respect they deserve will soon be sorry; resorts with glaciers are incredibly thrilling, but demand some extra preparation.

With the glaciers at these resorts being cold enough to essentially guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy adequate snow for skiing year-round, you shouldn’t bother about when you book your trip. Glacier resorts are at their best in December, but you don’t have to be as constrained by time when booking your trip thanks to the virtually-guaranteed snow you’re sure to see at any glacier-dominated resort.

What are you waiting for? Get started planning your trip now, as those skiers who have missed out on glacial resorts have deprived themselves of an epic experience unmatched by other resorts. With better, deeper powder than virtually anywhere else on Earth, glacial resorts offer pristine conditions for skiers dying to experience the best nature has to offer.

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