Whistler is about to SCORE; 57 inches possible through Monday

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A pow day as seen from the Flute Bowl at Whistler. Photo: Courtesy of Rush Hartnup/Flickr

As we've written about–and as you're probably aware if you fancy yourself much of a skier or snowboarder–much of North America has had a pretty abysmal start to the ski season so far. One place that hasn't had a poor start, however, is Whistler Blackcomb up in British Columbia. And as the saying goes, apparently the rich do get richer because a massive storm is rolling into the Whistler region that will potentially drop 57 inches of fresh snow by Tuesday morning, according to snow-forecast.com

Whistler Blackcomb, which already sports one of the 20 deepest base depths for all of North America according to OnTheSnow, is in the midst of a continuous storm system which will pummel the Canadian mega-resort nonstop through Monday.

What's even more notable about the storm is that–in typical British Columbian fashion–the weather holds the potential to deliver even more snow than what's forecast.

Looking at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) seven-day quantitative precipitation forecast, the storm system currently dumping on British Columbia holds the potential for an astounding 10.9 inches of wet precipitation (rain) by the B.C. coastline.

Using the standard 10:1 conversion rate of wet precipitation to snow, that means–theoretically–if the conditions were perfect, the storm could have the potential to dump over 100 inches in a week.

NOAA's quantitative seven-day forecast. That little 10.9 "x" is just west of Whistler. Photo: Courtesy of NOAA

Now, will the storm actually deliver 100 inches in a week? There's almost no chance of that occurring, and the final total may still come in at less than 57 inches come Tuesday morning.

But, the point is, if you're looking to score some fresh snow this weekend, you might want to go join our neighbors to the north.

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