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Episode #35 - Low Pressure Podcast: The Podcast for Skiers


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WB Parks There is always a silver lining. This season the West coast of North America has been pretty dismal when it comes to it's snowfall totals. Barebones, Dry, Low-tide or whatever expletive laden description you need to use to describe it should come with an asterisk. At a resort like Whistler Blackcomb there's always something good to ski. This Year, daily sunshine, warm temps and an expert team of snow makers and groomers make the terrain park that place.

The Nintendo Terrain Parks at Whistler Blackcomb are dialled in right now. That has a lot to do with Charles Beckinsale and the Whistler Parks grooming team. Charles and the team are responsible for designing , shaping and maintaining all the rideable features.

Charles knows what he's doing. He started grooming at Squaw Valley and goes back to Australia every summer as the director of the Perisher Ski Resort Park. He also spends most days sampling the fruits of his labour shredding in the park he maintains. Charles is a pro rider with DC Shoe company, Dragon and Union. He puts in the time in the park and that shows when he's in the Cat.

We spent a couple days with Charles in the cat, in the park and behind the scenes as a fly on the wall during the planning stages for a night of grooming one of the best terrain parks in the world.

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