WHISTLER BIKE PARK UPDATE | Trail Crew Has Work To Do Thanks to Massive Water Damage

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Despite a lack of snow, spring has left its mark on Whistler trails with massive water damage. | <\/strong>Photo courtesy Whistler Mountain Bike Park<\/em><\/p>

WHISTLER, BC \u2014 Like many parts of North America this year, 2015 hasn't been anything to brag about when it comes to the white stuff north of the border. But even with a relatively dry spring, there's still a lot of work to do before Whistler Mountain Bike Park<\/a><\/strong> will be ready to ride, and it looks like park staff is hiring. Check out the full update<\/a><\/strong> from Whistler Mountain Bike Park manager Brian Finestone. <\/p>

\"Out Like a Lion...<\/em><\/p>

It\u2019s the end of March and this winter of unusual weather continues to be\u2026 well, unusual for lack of a better term. There is not much snow on any of the trails in the Fitz Zone to speak of but that certainly doesn\u2019t mean opening the park is a slam dunk (notice the clever March Madness referral?). The amount of water damage on trails is verging on apocalyptic in some zones and our entire silt catching infrastructure is maxing out. Our first task once we hit the ground with machines in April will be to reestablish all of the stream protection measures throughout the park. Pat was roaming the trails last week compiling the task list and it is long and complicated. Stay tuned for more updates and photos of your favorite trails as we hit the ground hard and prep them for your riding pleasure.<\/em><\/p>

For anyone interested a number of Bike Park jobs are being posted on the WB employment page in the coming weeks:<\/em><\/p>



Source: Whistler Mountain Bike Park<\/em><\/p>

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