What To Pack On Your First Surfing Adventure

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Heading out to the beach for your first surfing adventure is one of the most exhilarating moments of your life. As any seasoned surfer about their most cherished memories on the waves, and doubtlessly most will summon to mind at least one or two stories or images surrounding their first major outing. Nonetheless, knowing what to pack on your first surfing adventure can be a struggle for newcomers to the hobby, so it’s worth doing your homework if you don’t want to waste space in your van.

Here’s what you should be packing on your first surfing adventure, and the oddball things you’ll definitely want to leave at home.

Start with the essentials

It may seem obvious, but you can greatly expedite the entire packing and travelling process if you simply start with the essentials. What you bring will depend on where you’re going, and how long you intend to stay there; for your first surfing adventure, it’s highly recommended you pick a location relatively nearby to your home, so that you can return if something goes wrong and don’t overcommit yourself to a risky operation you’re still unfamiliar with. Always bring some light snacks and plenty of water, and consider bringing substantially more food and supplies in your hiking backpack if you’re going out on a multi-day trip.

Meal planning is never easy, but it’s important that you’re giving the body the nutrition it needs if you want to succeed when hitting the beach. Spending all day in the water can be a taxing experience, so recharging after the fact is just as important as loading up on energy before you head out on your adventure, too. If you’re inexperienced with cooking or simply don’t know how to manage meals after a long, exhausting surfing adventure, read up on meal planning for surfing so that you have a solid game plan to rely upon.

On your first trip, however, you really should be packing lightly, so don’t go overboard when loading up on snacks and drinks. Plenty of water will be needed, especially if you’ll be spending all day in the hot sun, and you may want to pack a small medical bag as well. A day at the beach is almost always fun and safe, but accidents can and do happen. A first aid kit purpose built for your adventures is exactly the kind of thing you need to surf with confidence. Try to buy your medical equipment and medicine individually at the store, as this is the cheapest way. Pre-assembled medical kits are reliable, but often pricy for newcomers to the hobby of surfing.

What you’ll need to have a great time

Now that you’ve gone the boring, basic, but necessary stuff packed, you can get to the real action. What you’ll need to have a great time on your first surfing adventure will vary based on who’s going; musicians will find it imperative to pack their guitar and some extra strings, for instance, whereas some may want to pack their camcorder, or a small painting set. As you’ll soon come to see, surfing adventures are amazing because they’re not solely composed of surfing; while you’ll spend most of your time on the water, what you do on and near the shore is also a thrilling part of your journey.

For those who are looking to have an astonishing first surfing adventure, it’s highly recommended that you pack some camping equipment and spend a night out under the stars with your closest friends. While solo camping is enjoyable, it can be a bit risky, and surfing is always improved by the company of your friends. Countless surfing veterans can recall stories told by the fireside on a chilly night at the beach, so don’t be afraid to look into how to responsibly enjoy a beach bonfire when prepping for your first tip.

Try to leave the electronics at home, insofar as that’s possible in the digital age. Everyone will likely have their smartphones, given that they’re essentially glued to our hands these days, but you should try to minimize the amount of time you spend surfing the web while maximizing the amount of time you spend surfing the sea. Laptops should only be packed if they’re absolutely necessary, but keep in mind that much of what you need to pack on your first surfing adventure is about what you’re NOT bringing. Be sure you have a cheat-sheet full of information about the local area you’re visiting; you’ll want to know about local restaurants and restrooms, for instance.

Finally, don’t forget to pack your furry friends. Bringing your dog to the beach for your first surfing adventure can be a blast, but only if you have healthy water for them to drink and someone to keep an eye on them. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the first of many surfing adventures.

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