What To Expect Back-Country Skiing In BC’s Glaciers

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British Columbia’s famous glaciers are beloved all around the world thanks to the fantastic back-country skiing experience which can be derived from a trip there, yet many newcomers to the world of adventure sports don’t know what to expect when they begin plotting out their trip. The fresh snow and scenic sights offered by a trip to BC’s glaciers are effectively unparalleled anywhere else in the world, but if you don’t know what you’re getting into then your trip could rapidly devolve into a disaster.

So, what should you be on the lookout for when you head to British Columbia? Here’s what to expect when back-country skiing in BC’s glaciers.

Say goodbye to lift lines

Perhaps the leading reason that so many adventure sports enthusiasts flock to British Columbia each year for some skiing is that it enables them to say goodbye to lift lines and hello to a seemingly-endless array of freshly-powdered slopes. The canvas of untracked snow that will welcome you into British Columbia may seem alluring at first, but if you’re uncertain of what to expect you could suffer from an injury or other error that ultimately mitigates the lasting impact of your trip. It’s thus worthwhile to familiarize yourself with some of the slopes you’ll be encountering and the kind of equipment you’ll need if you want to fare well.

Back-country skiing in BC’s glaciers almost always entails foraying into distant areas where most tourist refuse to venture due to a lack of desire and skill alike. You should be very well aware of the fact that back-country skiing in BC’s glaciers isn’t necessarily for everyone, and that adept skiers will perform much more admirably than newcomers to the sport who are still struggling to get their snow legs. Anybody who’s not totally familiar with back-country skiing should reviewa basic guide explaining the basic components of the sport before you book an expensive and time-consuming trip (which could also prove to be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing).

A little bit of reading isn’t the only thing you need to do, either, as anyone who forays into BC’s glaciers without the appropriate gear at their disposal will suffer from catastrophic injuries and even threats to their lives. The weather is harsh and cold, which is great for the slopes but forces you to bundle up to a great extent. Those who are thinking about having a wondrous experience at BC’s glaciers should spend some timereviewing companies like Slope Hound that will help them identify affordable gear that’s nonetheless capable of getting the job done.

Know that if you don’t have good gear, you can expect nothing but misery and ruin in the midst of what should be an exciting trip that creates plenty of memories. Furthermore, you should be ready for some loneliness, as BC’s glaciers are so beautiful largely because they’re frequently devoid of the touristy crowd you get at popular resorts.

Don’t let the rugged terrain fool you

Looking around at BC’s glaciers, it can be easy to imagine a rugged terrain that stretches on endlessly past the horizon. In reality, though, experience back-country skiers will find it quite possible to find a smooth, long slope that enables them to cruise to their heart's content on top of some fine white powder. That being said, you shouldn’t expect hospitality that far north, as British Columbia’s glaciers aren’t exactly resplendent with Holiday Inns and warm campfires waiting to welcome you in from the cold. Be prepared to endure harsh elements with few luxuries, as only in an environment such as this can you enjoy truly natural skiing that’s unparalleled at any tourist resort.

For those who enjoy their time in BC’s glaciers and feel the need to get back to civilization, don’t be afraid to review someawesome ski resorts which can reintroduce you to the idea of ski infrastructure and warm lodgings after a long period spent ranging in the glaciers by your lonesome. The real reason that so many head to BC in the first place is to get away from the hustle and bustle usually associated with popular ski resorts, though, so you should be careful about what kind of mentality you have going in if you don’t want to disappoint yourself.

Back-country skiing in BC’s glaciers entails seeing wondrous sights, braving the elements, and making arduous treks to various glaciers which can literally take your breath away through their resplendent beauty. You shouldn’t believe that this is some easy gig you can waltz into, though, as back-country skiing takes preparation and skill to properly pull it off. Taking some time to readthe experiences of others who have forayed into the region before could help elucidate the tiny details you should be expecting during your trip. Don’t spend too much time doing homework, though – every minute you delay your trip is another minute not spent with some of the greatest slopes in the world.

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