What Ski's NOT To BUY.

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Dear Ski shoppers.
buying a pair of skis is a big step into starting a serious skiing career. Ponder your choices carefully. Im a park skier and i like to do tricks and such on my skis. well my old pair of skis broke last year so i thought i needed a new pair of twin tips. I did my homework on all sorts of skis, i took price, quality, warranty, and brand of skis into effect as i shopped for skis. it turns out that most reveiws on products on tthe internet are people who are looking to make a quick buck just to boast that a certian product is good when it is actually garbage. I bought a pair of Teton Rendevouz Rocker Skis as my very first pair of true twin tip skis this year. all the reviews i read were good, and i found a NICE DEAL on a package of skis with bindings on the-house.com. the warranty is good for a year and all this good stuff. i loved skiing them for the firsst month, until the nose of mt right ski that "The Teton Rendevous Rocker Skis perform as well in the park as they do outside of it. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran these skis can handle everything the mountain has to offer. With a wood core and camrock technology these skis are soft and forgiving, but still offer the power and pop that aggressive skiers demand" broke after a single month of using them once or twice every weekend, and i didnt fall on them or impact them on an object i just leaned on the nos of the skies and one snapped, i didnt want to waste my skiing season so i didnt send them in i just kept skiing, but being very cautious as to how i skied, because i dindt want to break the skis any worse. one week later i caught an edge and fell on the snowy hill, and as i recovered from the fall i noticed a thing crack on my OTHER ski in the same exact spot. there is a flaw in how the skis are made and i stongly suggest to anyone looking to buy twin tips to buy the line afterbang skis. they are a little spendy but nearly indistuctable even if you are an extreme skier. thank you for reading this and i hope it isnt too late for you to change your mind on whatt skis you buy.

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