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Everyone has a pipe-dream. A dream that they think of often, but it is only that, a dream. "Man, it would be amazing to travel to [insert dream location here] and [insert dream opportunity here]. If only..." My pipe-dream was to live in Jackson Hole and work for Teton Gravity Research. I had imagined what it would be like to live at the feet of some of the best riding terrain in the lower 48, that iconic riders like Travis Rice and Brain Iguchi had called their home. Then to be able to work with TGR, a company that I had grown up watching and following, would have been icing on the cake.

Flash forward a couple months and I find myself seeking that painful pinch that will surely wake me up from the dream that I currently find myself living. I landed the title of Graphic Design Intern at TGR for the next several months, and have moved myself into the heart of Jackson. Now I have probably over romanticized this dream of mine to a point where many of my viewers have since moved on to another post in the Stash of a skier hucking, shredding the gnar, or st least something that is slightly more entertaining. But for those who are still reading, I hope to keep your attention through videos, pictures, and short stories that I have gained through my different adventures while in Jackson. Although many do not share the same dream as I do (figuring by the amount of people that asked me, "sooo why are you moving to Jackson....?"), I hope that through a entertaining video or image, followers can share in my excitement to be living out my dream.

This is Chasing Gravity. Enjoy.

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