Watch: What it Takes to be a Lifeguard in Hawaii

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Being a lifeguard in Hawaii comes with a certain amount of prestige. As part of a lifesaving network entrusted with keeping some of the world's most beautiful–and volatile–shores safe, lifeguards in Hawaii perform thousands of saves every year, putting their own lives at risk for the welfare of others.

And while it's a hero's gig, unfortunately, Hawaiian lifeguards aren't given the a hero's treatment in their day-to-day lives. In fact, the controversial reversal of Senate Bill 462 last year made Hawaiian lifeguards legally liable for any ocean-related hazards. In other words, if a rescued swimmer feels they weren't rescued properly, the individual lifeguards on shore could theoretically be at fault.

The reversal of the bill has drawn many critics–among them famed waterman Mark Healey–who lend their voices to The Inertia's new short film Like Water.

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