WATCH: The Most Stylish Triple Front Flip You'll Ever See

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The title for this one says it all: Witness as Swiss freeskier extraordinaire Fabian Bosch launches one of the steeziest triple front flips we've ever seen on camera.

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Bosch makes it all look too easy–laying out on his final flip to slow up his rotation and really grease the landing on it–and we would be remiss not to mention the smooth work of his follow cam operator, Alex Meliss, who captures it all perfectly before losing his mind at the end of the clip.

This clip also serves as a good opportunity to remind you that Audi Nines is the most absurd slopestyle contest on Earth.

This year's edition of the contest introduced a whole slew of new features–a diving board starting gate and the full loop you see above, among others–and features the same stacked roster we've come to expect from the Nines contest with names like Andri Ragettli, Jesper Tjader, and Markus Kleveland joining the fray this year.

Stay tuned to TGR throughout the week ahead: We'll continue to update you on all the madness going down in Austria.

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