Watch: A Short, Painful Video on How Not to Ski The Eagle's Nest at Squaw

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There's a passage in William Strunk's seminal 1918 writing style guide book The Elements of Style that basically breaks down to "be pithy." That is, don't use more words than absolutely necessary to get across a concept.

I don't know if Jared Dalen ever read the book, but if you were looking for the most concise and forceful video explanation of how not to ski the Eagle's Nest at Squaw Valley, he's apparently up to the task. With the insane amount of snow Squaw and California resorts have received in the month of March, many an intrepid skier and snowboarder have been trying to send lines that haven't been in all season. The reality is that many of those lines are still pretty goddamn sharky. As Dalen shows us, sometimes powder madness overcomes all senses, and the end result is you exploding in a spectacular yard sale.

Again, I don't know if Dalen ever read Strunk, though he does quote the French philosopher Voltaire in his Instagram bio, and I'm pretty sure Voltaire once wrote something along the lines of, "Send it bro!" in Candide, but then I didn't pay much attention in school.

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