Was that the last Tram?

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Crossing our fingers that that wasn't the last Tram of the year at Snowbird. But at least we partied like it was.Snowbird 6/12/10**The game is called connect the patches**

Tailgating at Snowbird 11am

**A little pregame warm up**

50+ passes at the Bird. Impressive.

**50+ passes impressive**

Gauntlet glove great for pow days in June and concealing a tall boy

**Gauntlet glove in June. Conceals the tall boys nicely.**

Jamie Pierre was there

**Pierre was there**

Freshies in June!!!

**Freshies in June at the Bird**

Last pow day of the season???

5" of fresh on 6/12/10 Snowbird, UT

Big stuff is still good to go up there

Milking it to the last drop

**Milking it to the last drop**

Tha Grom


Wrobleski and Pierre celebrate another epic season

**Pierre and Wrobleski celebrate another epic season at the Bird**

Just a couple of tram junkies

**Tram junkies**

Karl's Birthday. Last day?

**Nick Greener huck off the Wave 6/12/10**

**Rick Wrobleski riding dirt**

**Last Tram?**

**Snowing from 10,000' and up**

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