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The temps are dropping and all I can think is skiing these days. At 41 with 5 kids and a wife work responsibilities and bills that seem never ending I still get excited as the season gets underway. After such an epic year here in Utah last season I have great hopes and expectations for the coming season. Got a few things to figure out still 7 of them are season passes for the family. Thought I had everything all caught up then one thing after another nibbled away at my cash set aside to put us on the mountain as frequently as humanly possible. Thankfully there is still time and hope. My oldest son has his mind set on figuring his pass and gear out on his own this season and I am grateful for that and his efforts. We bash heads alot these days as we are not seeing eye to eye on priorities with school and behavior, but one thing we do agree on is that any day on the slopes beats a day at the office or school. Punching this out on the keyboard is theraputic raising teens and being a teen can be hard stuff.

Psyched to put together the new quiver this season. Thanks to my friends in the industry who keep hooking up this washed up racer who still hates paying for gear after years of freebies. The sport is like drugs to an addict and I was given the drug for free so long I didn't know life without skiing as I was born to it, supported in it by parents and then sponsors. Wow I am rambling on...and what I typing is only a fraction of what is boucing around in my head right now.

One to another day. If I can swing the passes I will and if I am hiking or skinning up the mountain then so be it. The money and effort is worth it and I am not alone in my thinking...look how far this industry and sport has come. I love skiing.

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