Videos: Kevin Rolland, Dave Treadway Peak Performance Edits

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October 19, 2011

After we posted the first video from Peak Performance's web series titled "The Style Council — Featuring Henrik Windstedt," we said we'd post every episode after that. Well, we got sidetracked with a bunch of other stuff and forgot. But these videos are really, really good. So let's catch up.

In the above clip called "The Perfect Run — Featuring Kevin Rolland," the skier rips one of the cleanest half pipe runs ever caught on film. His narration and skiing is edited with the music in a very artful way, pleasing to the eye and ear.

Below, Dave Treadway takes us sled skiing in Pemberton, British Columbia. "The Adventurer — Featuring Dave Treadway" is an appropriate title, as Treadway rides his sled deep into the mountains to access slopes few have ever had the chance to ski. Watching him flip and spin off of cliffs knowing how deep he is in the backcountry is pretty mind blowing. It's staggering how comfortable he is with it all.

Stay tuned for episode 4, "Pushing Boundaries — Featuring Henrik Windstedt" on Nov. 7. We promise we won't forget to post it this time.

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