Videos: International Go Skateboarding Day — 5 Skate Clips You Must Watch

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In honor of Go Skateboarding Day, here are 4 iconic skate videos and one Jackson Hole local video you have to watch. From the heaviest bowl ripping to the technical street skating, these videos will deliver the amp you need to go skateboarding.

1. Pedro Barros Video is pure GNAR. This guy can skate the the most heaviest transition obstacles and make it look easy while maintaining a charging and flowing style.

2. Chris Haslam's Almost Round 3 Video Part is a classic. This dude is here to entertain. He can shred all terrain with a wacky style and precision board handling.

3. Daewon Song's DVS Skate More video part shows what he is capable of. This is the man that skates faster than every other skater and has no fear of failure or pain.

4. Nike Skateboarding's Team goes to Taiwan with a big crew. Justin Brock, Youness Amrani, and Wieger Van Wageningen all travel to Taiwan and meet up with the European destroyers Marek Zaprazny and Daniel Lebron. They have an amazing trip and grab some great footage.

5. Brewsed and Confused is a skate film by Chris Cressy starring Chris Banks, Alex Bowman, Jesse Robbins, Austin Lobner, William Whitfield, Zac Curran, Sam Litzelman, Greg Clark, Jeff Moran, Blake Paul, Andy Skinner and more. Shot on location in Jackson, WY, Alpine, WY, Salt Lake City, Durham, NH, and a few others spots. Take a peak at what Wyoming and Utah has to offer to the skate scene.

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