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December 6, 2010

Salt Lake City, Utah - Discrete Headwear, a rider owned and conceived headwear brand in the snowsport industry, is proud to announce the launch of a web series, starting with eight episodes, and the release of one new one each week throughout the 2010/11 season. Each episode offers colorful, clever, less than two-minute clips of Discrete’s athletes, artists, employees, and friends.

Discrete has committed to this project, in owner Julian Carr’s words, “With the idea that webisode content does not need to be a huge time investment, most of our episodes are under one minute and very entertaining.” Discrete is proud to showcase, in it’s initial eight episodes; Discrete athlete’s Ian McIntosh, Jen Hudak, Discrete CFO Clayon Quarles, artist Casey Kawaguchi, and owner Julian Carr.

Discrete will display their web series on their flagship website,, Vimeo, blog, company Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Discrete is in their third year of business operations, and has undergone tremendous growth in the last year. This TV series is aimed to offer something for everyone excited about the brand, “Discrete grew 100 percent from 09/10 to 10/11” says Carr, “we are a fan of people having fun in the mountains and in life, I feel like this TV series reflects that.”

Discrete is a unique snowsport brand appealing to snow enthusiasts and hard core riders alike. “I created and built awareness for Discrete by sponsoring amazing athletes and thinking of unique ways to promote them,” said Julian Carr, Discrete owner.

To celebrate their momentum and officially kick-off the 2010/2011 winter season, Discrete proudly releases, DISCRETE TV, “Off the top of our head.”

Here are two of our favorite episodes:

Discrete TV #3 - Julian Carr Gargoyle from DiscreteTV on Vimeo

Discrete TV #7 Ian McIntosh Traveler Air from DiscreteTV on Vimeo.

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