Video: Winter Project Presents ANIMA - Full Length Ski And Snowboard Movie

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Winter Project is an independent ski/snowboard movie company from Sweden. Founded in 2007 by professional skier Adam Falk and photographer Nicke Jacobsson.

Winter Project is created by skiers and not by someone behind a desk. The concept is based on that all riders that participate in the films also participate in the idea and the creating. By doing so, the films will reflect the true life of these individuals in a natural way and every film made will have its own style and idea. In other words, intense lifestyle documentaries mixed with the skiing from some of the world’s best skiers.

Winter Project is no more than two kids who want to express a feeling that comes straight from their hearts, and the goal is to reach in to yours. The movie you are about to watch is simply a pure expression of our souls. We do this for one reason, and that is love. Love for ourselves, for you and for humanity!

Supreme athletes:
Adam Falk, Anton Silvola, Emanuel Hedvall, Mattias Axelsson, Jacob Wester, Jesper Tjäder, Noa Gadelius, Oscar Harlaut, Leo Crawford, Olof Larsson, Jesper Björnlund, Adam Widen, Wille Lindberg, Henrik Windstedt, Simon Ericson, Morten Grape, Sebastian Landmark, Johan Jonsson, Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Janette Hargin, Christine Hargin, Per Spett, Joel Andersson

Supported By:
SWEET protection, SOS, BURN energy,, Alpin Garaget, Transition

Media Collab:,,, Åka Skidor

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