Video: Windells Pro Ski Coaches Best Of Summer 2011

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There is only one place each year to find all of freeskiing's elite. There is only one place where they congregate to take laps, learn new tricks, and have a blast. This place is Windells Snowboard and Ski Camp at Mount Hood, where, each summer, the best skiers in the world come to ski, train, and enjoy the slushy snow. Skiers like Tom Wallisch, Sammy Carlson, Bobby Brown, Josh Bishop, Steve Stepp, Henrik Harlaut, Andy Parry, Ashley Battersby, Dania Assaly, Keri Herman, Will Wesson, Parker White...the list goes on and on. Check out the video for all the action and go to to see more on all of the Pro Ski Coaches and friends that come to Windells Snowboard and Ski Camp every year!

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