Video: Watch And Learn How To Make A GoPro Edit With Nathan Wallace In Chamonix

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Children, gather ’round and let Uncle Nate show you how to make a GoPro edit. Now, we can’t all ski Chamonix every day, but aside from capturing killer terrain, what makes Nathan Wallace’s most recent video as good as his last is that it’s not all about him. This video is about friends skiing powder together – not one dude getting it all to himself. Here, Wallace skis perfect snow with Thor Husted down super steep slopes in France. He uses his GoPro more as a follow cam to document his mountains and his crew rather than his own greatness. The result is way more enjoyable to watch than what most people do, which is pretty much public ego-stroking to some random dubstep remix. Thanks for the lesson, Wallace. Now kids, run along and come back with something like this. And when you grow up, make friends with a dude named Thor.

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