Video: The Provo Bros Mine Powder At Retallack, BC

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November 2, 2011

Imagine ripping some of the deepest powder ever at Retallack with your bro — literally your brother — and when you get to the bottom there is a super stoked Dwarf that looks like Gimli from Lord Of The Rings ready to whisk you away for another run. Ian and Neil Provo have some of the most fun out of anyone. And while it may look like fantasy, sometimes their adventures get real. Take the second half of this short, 13-minute film where the two are skinning Texas Peak in the Selkirk Mountains and the face rips out right behind them. Things like that really can happen in the backcountry — even to the Provo bros. Of course, our heroes live to ski another line and absolutely rip the shit out of a face on a different aspect. These two dudes really hold it down for the Fellowship Of The Shred.

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