Video: TGR Skier Erik Roner Slays U.S. Open Of Surfing

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An auto-tune intro, a BASE jumping segment, a little skiing, a little surfing, lots of comedy and shots of girls in bikinis — this is what happens when Teton Gravity Research skier Erik Roner and ex-TGR film editor Tate MacDowell meet up at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif.

This brilliant video was made off the cuff last weekend when Roner and MacDowell met up at the surf competition that drew a reported 1 million spectators. Roner was there to BASE jump out of a helicopter. MacDowell was there freelancing. The auto-tune intro was made using Songify, MacDowell said.

"I was actually there as a freelance editor for the live feed of the event," MacDowell said. "So I was working in a trailer at night. I met up with Roner because we're friends and he showed up with a GoPro sticking out of his pocket. He was like, 'Yeah, Hurley wants me to shoot a blog video while I'm here, but hopefully we can find some time to hangout.' So, I pulled the thing out of his pocket and we just started screwing around."

Watch Roner apply way too much sun screen, jump out of a heli and sign a girl's butt cheek. After, see Roner backflip "Nightmare" at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in TGR's Behind the Line Episode 4.

In other news, Kelly Slater won the U.S. Open of Surfing.

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