Video: Suzuki Nine Knights Session Edit From Day 1 & Day 2

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The weather has been playing mind tricks on everyone at the Suzuki Nine Knights, with beautiful sunny weather turning to windy flat light within minutes. The Knights kept their cool however, and performed exceptionally at every opportunity when the weather cleared at Mottolino Fun Mountain. Every single feature was sessioned and the athletes were beyond stoked about the best session yet on the unique obstacles.

First up was an awesome session on the main feature; the 27 meter kicker in the middle of the impressive “Il Castello”. A big stand out was Marker Völkl athlete Russ Henshaw who went from styled out cork 540 blunt grabs to double cork 1080 double japan grab — the first time he has tried this trick. The pretzel man Tom Wallisch used the opportune weather window to man up and be the first person to hit the gigantic hip. Everyone’s heart was in their throats as Tom proceeded to soar almost 10 meters above the take-off. The session was well and truly on, event organizer Nico Zacek and many others joined the hip session sending airs higher than anyone thought possible. Then things got even crazier with four people hitting the Castle at once, one on the hip, two on the quarterpipes and one on the kicker jump. There was an electric vibe among the athletes, who were beyond stoked on the first decent session.

The weather then turned to disagreeable windy flat light and the Knights decided to have a break and wait for better conditions. At lunch they were joined by Gus Kenworthy and Jossi Wells, the final Knights to storm the castle. Both were itching to check out the feature and headed up even in the adverse conditions. They proceeded to have a little jib session of their own, searching for new creative ways to hit the rails. Soon everyone else joined them and decided to try out the canon rail to hip landing. Smith athlete Gus Kenworthy ruled the afternoon with some smooth 450 blunt grabs out of the rail. Hopes for a sunset photo shoot were extinguished when clouds covered the valley and the wind picked up even more. A group decision was made to call it a day, as everybody was very happy with the day’s results already.

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