Video: Sounding Out Las Lenas Powder Lines

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October 17, 2011

When Americans ski deep powder snow they tend to give a "WOOT! WOOT!" or a "YEAAAAAH!" often ending the run with an exhausted "UUUUUGGHHHHH!" For Jordi Tenas and Txema Trull, who, as commenter "russian salad' pointed out, speak Catalan, it's "BWAH! BWAH!" all day long as they descend the slopes of Las Lenas. In the above clip Tenas and Trull get top to bottom fresh right off the Ts Marte chairlift. In the below clip, Tenas gets "BWAH!" solo as he skis a Las Lenas couloir. What sound do you make when you ski pow?

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