Video: Ski Patrol At La Grave Provide Support, Not Control

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This documentary covers the daily operations of ski patrollers at La Grave, France, a rugged resort near Mont Blanc that provides a completely different skiing experience. Responsibility is up to the skier, and respect of the mountain is mandatory. No avalanche control is done by the four patrollers on location. They are only on-site to educate the public and conduct safety briefings, but will occasionally aide in rescue while emergency support is en route or when visibility is too low for outside help to complete a heli-evacuation. La Grave has only two T-bars and one gondola that transports skiers from a base elevation of 4,600 feet to 10,500 feet. Top to bottom, that's approximately 6000-vertical feet of skiing. Once committed, there is no pulling out or resting your legs on a chairlift. This is about as real as it gets when it comes to mountains with lift-access. Bring your avy gear and a level head, and you may want to leave the kids behind. Same goes for your snow blades.

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