Video: Skate Like A Snowboarder

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I once fell off my skateboard at 32 mph, and peeled most of the skin off my shoulder, knees, and palms. Then again, I was dual tow-skating, aka skitching, and my buddy let go of the rope without warning, sending me skidding across the street in board-shorts and a beater. That's right, I had a tow-rope attached to the hitch of my Civic. I highly recommend against any of this. What I would recommend, however, is trying out a Freebord. Especially if you enjoy snowboarding, but feel disconnected from the mountains in the off-seasons.

Freebords provide the feel of a snowboard, on a surface much less forgiving than snow. The trucks are much wider than the board, so wheel-bite is no longer a concern, and they come with a third wheel that allows you to carve against the slope and slide 180s and 360s with ease. In this video, Freebord team rider Mike Hoppe chases Corey Lucero down a seemingly endless hill in California, and tops out at 37.6 mph into oncoming traffic.

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