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August 18, 2011

Mount Hood, Ore. — Ex-Teton Gravity Research film editor Tate MacDowell is now a freelance editor in California. Last we heard from him he was creating shenanigans at the U.S Open of Surfing with TGR athlete Eric Roner. Always a busy man, MacDowell is at it again with this snowboard-paintball gun edit he made for Signal Snowboards.

In this video, company founder Dave Lee and friends embed paintball guns into snowboards and then take to the slopes of Mount Hood.

"The idea of building the paintball board came up with us talking about making a 'Mad Max' themed board," Signal Snowboards marketing director Marc Wierenga said. "One idea turned into another and the paintball snowboard came to life."

Once the footage was captured, MacDowell edited it into this entertaining five-minute clip.

"It's pretty amazing, these guys actually build these things in one day," MacDowell said. "I thought that it was one of those 'magic of television' type things, where it actually takes 3 days and they just wear the same clothes, but ... " It's real. And really fun to watch. Enjoy.

For more, visit Signal Snowboards website.

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