Video: Signal Makes Slasher Snowboard For Halloween

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October 24, 2011

Halloween is one week away. But if you live in a Jackson Hole, the event lasts all week long. Seriously, you need at least seven costumes to make it through the week. This town does it big, and so does Signal Snowboards. The company gets into the Halloween spirit with its latest Every Third Thursday web edit. Here, the crew makes a slasher board and heads to Bear Mountain to, well, slash. The video features fake blood, zombies a snowboard with a chainsaw graphic and a song by Sifl and Olly. Remember Sifl and Olly? One of the best shows on MTV during the late '90s. Yes? No? Watch a Sifl and Olly Halloween clip below.

To watch an Every Third Thursday clip where Signal makes a bass guitar snowboard with Duff McKagan, click here. And to wath the company fuse a paintball gun with a snowboard, click here.

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