Video: Pressure - Jen Hudak Moving Mountains Episode 2

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November 7, 2011

Moving Mountains is a three-part web video series that follows Jen Hudak as she recovers from a season-ending injury, competes in the 2011 X Games at Buttermilk and travels to Japan. The video profile of the five-time X Games medalist offers a glimpse into the athlete's life.

In this episode, Hudak prepares for one of the biggest halfpipe events of the ski season.

"Imagine life, elevated," Hudak writes on her Vimeo page. "Every emotion, sensation, vibration is powering 10 times higher than usual. If you can grasp that, then you can grasp the X Games and this episode of 'Moving Mountains.' It’s all about pressure."

Episode three will be released in the beginning of December, Hudak said in an email.

"I hope that everyone can enjoy this edit, understand a little more about what goes on behind the scenes at X Games, and get stoked that winter is right around the corner, opportunities abounding," Hudak said. "Life is about pushing yourself — dream big."

To catch up, watch episode 1 here.

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