Video: One For The Road Part Deux — The iMovie Edition

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October 27, 2011

This video has about 300 views on Vimeo at the moment and it's safe to say that at least 200 came from this office. We've spent the better half of the morning watching and re-watching's spoof of "One For The Road." "Part Deaux," a lo-def send up of our 2011 feature film, was shot with a camcorder and edited in iMovie. Filmed on location in the big mountain Mecca of Pemberton, British Columbia, Tobin Seagel stars as Mark Carter and Chris Benchetler with Jamie Bond as Todd Ligare, Sage, and Rory Bushfield.

While Bond may lack the budget for the slow-motion Phantom camera, he and Seagel ski slow enough that it's not even needed.

With a banger soundtrack, we're stoked our movie got Bond out on the hill to get creative with some early season shredding. This is perhaps the best example of taking freestyle into the backcountry. Made our day. Props, guys.

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