Video: Niklas Karlstrom's 'SKI OR DIE 4-EVER'

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September 5, 2011

Every production company posts its ski and snowboard movie trailer to the Internet, but few post the entire film. "SKI OR DIE 4-EVER" is a 26-minute feature by Niklas Karlstrom that stars Bjorn Lindgren, Viktor Bjornstrom and Karlstrom himself. Yes, they are Swedish. Karlstrom is from Kiruna, the country's northern most city, located within the Arctic Circle. He has been posting his ski and snowboard movies to the Internet in their entirety for the past three years, which is awesome. Below, watch "SKI OR DIE 3D — The Last Waltz," "SKI OR DIE 2.0" and the original "SKI OR DIE." And let's not forget where we first saw the term "ski or die" — in a 1990 winter sports video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. For a review of that game, see the very bottom of this post.


"SKI OR DIE 3D - The Last Waltz":

"SKI OR DIE 2.0":


A review of "Ski or Die" the video game:

For more from Karlstom and his crew, visit their website here.

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