Video: Mountaineering In Alaska - Brothers On The Run Episode 5

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John and Eric Jackson keep saying they're going on a road trip to South America, but every time they check in they're still in Alaska. Can you blame them? The snow is just so damn good. In episode 5 of Brothers On The Run, the boys head deep into the Alaska Range to go "jib-mountaineering" and John earns some good stoke on his first real summit. Pat Moore was also there and got to experience an AK-line in a chute full of freshies. To wrap up another sweet adventure, the crew spent the first hours of their last day out destroying a beautiful booter. That's a lot of firsts. In the next episode, they will have finally gotten on the road and progressed to Baldface Lodge, British Columbia, and then on to California to rendezvous with Jeremy Jones. Will they ever make it to the southern hemi? Tune in next time for another update.

Click Here To Watch Episode 4 'Surfing In Alaska With Ian Walsh'

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