Video: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin and his Camber Caddy At Windells Camp

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This past summer, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin hosted a session at Windells with fellow Rome riders, Eiki Helgasson, Johnny Lazzareschi, Staale Sandbech, and Johnnie Paxson. While they were at camp, in addiition to lapping the park, hanging out with campers, and creating up crazy and fun games for campers to play in oder to win Rome boards and other gear, the guys spent a bunch of time filming for edits that Rome has been releasing over the past couple months.

The most recent video that Rome has put together features LNP and his Camber Caddy and Portland local, Jerry Thompson. As Jerry helps Laurent decide which snowboard to use for various rails and other features, you get to see some of the features that Windells had in its private park during summer. The private park is just one of the manny reasons Windells is the "funnest" place on Earth!

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