Video: Killer Conditions For Opening Day At Valle Nevado, Chile

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Chile's Valle Nevado Ski Resort opened last weekend with powder conditions and empty slopes. According to resort employee Jose Varela, anyone still in the Northern Hemisphere is out of their mind. My Spanish is a bit rusty, but I'm pretty sure he's saying, "Dude! I was mobbing through the most epic powder this morning! I was all, 'Face shot! 180-nose butter to fakie!' Then I went for a hand-plant in bonk-town and just sank in up to my chin. Probably because I was on the phone with my mom, but I still got buku GNAR points. It was awesome! Just me and the homies at Valle Nevado."

Well, now you've heard it straight from the horse's mouth. Winter is in full-swing south of the equator. What are you waiting for?

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