Video: James ‘Woodsy’ Woods Takes A Corvette To Breckenridge

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Straight up, I’m only posting this because of the beginning, where Woodsy loads his skis into a Corvette with New Hampshire plates to go skiing in Breckenridge. That’s just plain dirty — especially for a Brit. The clip goes on to get pretty nasty, too. There’s a crappy song, some skiing with no poles and absolutely no powder. There is, however, plenty of progressive trickery. This kid crushes it in the Breck park like anyone wishes they could. Someday Woodsy will learn about velvet powder slopes and will come spinning a 720 into your (my) secret stash and peel off in his Corvette with your (my) girlfriend, blasting NY Official’s “Music” and all you’ll (I'll) be able to do is bitch about it on the internet. Go get 'em Woodsy!

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