Video: Ian And Neil Provo's Snurf Ya Later

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"For the last 10 years, Neil and I have been riding boards through the powder without bindings. What started as preseason fun on rails and kickers with the early Premier snowskates, has evolved into a new passion and a new way to experience the powder covered mountains. Without bindings, powder surfing has been like taking a step back in time, providing a timeless feeling that really connects you back to the roots. By de-progressing the boards we ride, we actually opened up a whole new set of challenges and goals. After 22 years of riding on snow, it feels amazing to discover something so new and fresh. If you can't have an indonesian overhead tube, than the next best thing might be a 2500 foot powder pipe in Utah!" - Ian Provo

Produced, edited, filmed by and starring Ian and Neil Provo ~ Shot on location -Utah backcountry ~ December - January 2011

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