Video: Helmet Cam Teaser For This Is My Winter

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November 14, 2011

Ice, rocks, slough, chutes — all of this is de rigueur for snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue. And there's going to be plenty of that in his upcoming film, "This Is My Winter."

"It's 4 o'clock and we left at mid-day," de Le Rue says while climbing a sketchy face in Europe. "How fucking stupid are we?"

The candid comments de Le Rue makes while pertched on the side of a mountain are what really makes this helmet cam teaser stand out.

"I guess I've got to trust you," he says as he ropes in to the ice using cordelette.

Pointing the camera at himself, he uses his other had to point to his head like a crazy person.

And then he rips it.

This helmet cam teaser for "This Is My Winter" really puts you in de Le Rue's shoes. Check it out.

"This Is My Winter" features Xavier de Le Rue, Mathieu Crepel, Andreas Fransson and Samuel Anthamatten.

The full 28-minute movie will be available for free before December.

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