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In the latest “Perspectives” video series, Planet Earth Clothing takes a look at the Greasebus, a vegetable oil fueled bus that gives skiers and snowboarders an environmentally friendly lift to their local mountain. A roundtrip ride only costs $10 with the only bi-product being a distinct smell of French fries coming out of the tailpipe. Meet Founder Mike Parziale and learn how his passion for sustainable transportation has put Greasebus on the map by offering a guilt free ride to the hill.

From the back alley of a Chinese restaurant to fueling a bus full of people to the mountain, the entire process of recycling grease can seem complicated but fortunately Mike breaks it down along with the history of the diesel engine and the controversy surrounding it’s inventor. Learn more about the vision of the Greasebus, Rudolf Diesel and the conspiracies regarding his death in Planet Earth Clothing’s 4-part video & interview series. Here’s to the Greasebus rolling clean with a clear conscience.

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